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The Truth About Vacation Rentals in 2024


Myth: Running an Airbnb is easy. You just buy a house, take some pictures on your phone, throw it up on AirBnb and print money.

Fact: You are in the hospitality business running an AirBnb. Competition is fierce. You must knock it out of the park with each guest to build good reviews and be able to aggressively price your property. You are likely to lose money the first year as you figure things out and gain the trust of guests with so little reviews. By the 2nd or 3rd year you can probably make a little money or at least subsidize your vacation home ownership. That is if you take it seriously and become a professional host.

Bottom Line: Subsidizing vacation home ownership should be your goal if you are considering buying an AirBnb. At House2Play we strive to find a you a vacation rental home that meets your personal needs and pays for itself. You can for go that painful first year and we’ll plug you right into our established system. Our property management fee is very reasonable. We are not a volume-based property management company. We will only take on 10-15 unique high income producing houses in any market. Keeping a small portfolio helps us guarantee a great experience for guests. And those 10-15 owners will have access to some yet to be announced benefits that will be one of a kind in the vacation rental property management industry.

We are headquartered at the Lake of the Ozarks but also have a Lake of Egypt operation. We will soon be adding a beach market! You know you want to buy that lake house and we cannot time this any better for you. Buy that house now so we can get it listed by Memorial Day and get you all that summer revenue!

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